Experiment 4
Limiting Reagent and Excess Reactant
Important Notice:
The third set of Lab Owls will come on-line this week (October 5 through October 9), depending on what section you are enrolled in.  This is the third of four of these and they are worth 25% of the Chem 111 Lab Grade, so do not treat them lightly.  This third set, depending on the lab section you are enrolled in will be due October 19 through October 23. NO EXTENSIONS WILL BE GIVEN ON THESE. However if you do miss the deadline it is still, even though they will be 'Past Due' in your best interest to still complete them.  No promise made here but you could be surprised at the end of the semester if you do what I just suggested.

We met Limiting Reagents to an extent in Exp 3.  However this concept is one that poses many problems to students and thus we are now dedicating a simulated lab to enforce the concept.