Experiment 1
Molar Mass by Freezing Point Depression

    All Chem 112 Labs are remote and are using Late Night Lab Simulations from Hayden-McNeil.
You will have to buy a 6 month access code which is a little less than the normal Lab Fee (which you are not been charged this semester).

  1. You will be using the simulation to do experiments.  However this is a blend in that the report you will be sending to your TA is a fillable pdf that has to be sent to your TA by a specific date.  If you go to the General Chemistry Web Site and click on 'Schedule', you will see the dates that these pdf's have to be mailed to your TA.
  2. The Hayden-McNeil site does contain the procure for each labs but it does open in a new window. To make your life easier we have created a pdf that you can down so that you have the procedure alongside your computer which we hope make your life easier.

More information will be added soon but the procedure pdf and the fill able report for this experiment are ready and linked below.  The simulation itself is not yet linked.