Experiment 2
Spectroscopic Analysis of Copper

An experiment that I always wanted to introduce into Chem 112 was “Synthesis of a Copper Coordination Complex” however the subsequent analysis of the copper in the complex involved Spectrophotometric Analysis, involving the use of a UV Spectrometry that the sheer size of the Chem 112 class and the cost of these spectrometers precluded.  Instead it was an experiment that was confined to Chem 121H.

This experiment involves some background theory that you may not meet in class and thus to facilitate understanding this process I would like to introduce you to a former college of mine, Prof. William Vining who has developed a beautiful introduction to this with some novel experiments and even a section that shows you how you could potentially use a smart phone to make crude spectrophotometric analysis.  This is just background material for you and is not part of the laboratory report.

If asked for a password use: sunnyday

I am grateful to Prof. Vining for his permission to use this.