Chem 112
Laboratory Policy & General Information

General Information:

  1. Important General Information ... Watch video prior to September 3  ... Video
  2. Demonstrating the Simulated Lab ... Watch video prior to September 7 ... Video
  3. Fall 2020 Lab Schedule

Lab Sections.

L01 - 99LL Tuesday Remote Labs
L02 - 99LM
L03 - 99LN Thursday Remote Labs
L04 - 99LQ
L05 - 99LR
L06 - 99LS

What Do I Need To Purchase?

  1. A code will have to be purchased from Hayden-McNeil in order to use their simulations.
    Watch the following video first which takes you through the process of setting up your account, obtaining an access code (IMPORTANT:- For UMass it will be purchasing an access code using a credit card at the Hayden-McNeil web site)
    Setting up account and getting an Access Code Video
  2. Once you have watched the video the go to the link below and follow the steps on the video to set up your account and to gain access to the Simulation. 
    Creating your account and thereby accessing the Simulations
    Your Enrollment Key
    is your lab sectionWhen you get to this part of the enrollment there will be a drop down menu listing all the Lab Sections shown above.  So for example a student that Spire shows them enrolled in 99LR-Lab then you choose L05-99LRSuggest you do the 'Introduction to Lab Simulation' This is not a lab that you have to right a report on it is simply some exercises that gives you some practice on many things you will be asked to do in the actual Lab Simulations.


Important Summary:
  1. In order to receive a grade in the course you must receive a laboratory grade. Fail the laboratory portion and you fail the entire course, regardless of how you do in lecture. In order to obtain a laboratory grade you must complete ALL the laboratories.
  2. The laboratory grade constitutes 17-20% of the overall course grade. 
Grading within the Laboratory Program: 
A final laboratory grade will be posted at the end of the semester before your final exam. This grade is based on the following 

Submitting Reports on time.   7%
Laboratory Reports           93%


  1. Discuss them with your TA. Very often the TA is not immediately aware that their actions are causing you concern and they are more than willing to listen and accommodate your concerns. If you wish to have a mediator present, your supervisor will act as one. The role of the mediator is not to take sides but to make sure that both sides get the opportunity to express their point of view. 
  3. Still not resolved or the above is not a viable option. Then please see me, Dr. Tom Whelan, director of the laboratory program. I will in strict confidence look into your complaint and resolve it